Why lactic acid bacteria based on spores (sporebiotic) are better then regular probiotic?

Spore-based lactic acid bacteria are better placed to reach where it is useful. Up to 70% of the body's immune system is located in the stomach, where bacteria form an important part of our defence. Having a rich gut flora is important for fighting external bacteria that pass through the food we eat, such as fighting an overgrowth of fungai.

As you age, the microbiotic diversity in your gut decreases and it becomes more important to do things that maintain a good bacterial environment. Using clinically tested, spore-based high fiber probiotics is one of the best ways to preserve diversity. Avoid one-sided diet, as it leads to a more homogeneous intestinal flora and thus to a weaker immune system.

To maintain a good microbiotic diversity, you can also eat food with natural bacterial cultures. Fermented products such as yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi have long been used to improve our gut health. But there is a problem: One of the biggest difficulties with many probiotic products is that they must survive in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. There are environments with and without access to oxygen, from production to storage to store shelves and finally everywhere else. Intestinal system Many probiotic products do not survive the entire journey.

Image of be-healthy fermented plant product with beetroot which is enriched with lactic acid bacteria in spore form (sporebiotic) perfect for good intestinal health and digestion. Helps to improve the immune system as wellImage of be-healthy fermented plant product with ginger and honey which is enriched with lactic acid bacteria in spore form (sporebiotic) perfect for good intestinal health and digestion. Helps to improve the immune system as well

Now scientists have found a solution to the spore problem. Spores are part of the life cycle of some bacteria, a stage where the bacteria have extra strong cell walls that prevent the inside from being destroyed by external influences. Bacteria also have reduced metabolism within the walls, which means they can survive for long periods in poorer conditions. Under favorable conditions, they become active bacteria. In his investigations, Kiran Krishnan reports that the  spore-based bacteria was able to prove 100 percent viability on the way to the intestinal tract. Once in place, they change the microbiotic environment and allow the good bacteria to thrive. - You can call the spores "gardeners" in the intestinal flora. Instead of planting the same type of seed in the garden in the hopes that it will survive, as is the case with traditional probiotics, the spore bacteria act as gardeners.

Be-healthy fermented products are based on lactic acid bacteria that have existed on the planet for millions of years and have been a natural part of our diet throughout evolution. Be-healthy products are specially developed to support your gastrointestinal health. Each Be-healthy fermented product contains up to 28 billion mesophilic lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria per 1 gram of product.

In the large intestine, the bacteria colonize the intestinal wall and contribute to a greater diversity of the intestinal flora. One million lactic acid bacteria in spore form contribute to the formation of 30 billion new bacteria in the large intestine. That's why Be-healthy fermented products from www.tarmhelse.online are superior to all other lactic acid bacteria on the market.

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